Mesh is a simple way to create beautiful gradients in your browser using WebGL shaders.
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Hi there! 👋 I've been a designer/developer for over 5 years now and I've always enjoyed using gradients in my designs as artwork. I've created gradients in every major out there (sketch/figma/photoshop/etc), but I wanted a tool I could easily access to create unique ones by warping points around each other. So I decided to build it! Mesh is super easy to use, simply drag the points on the input (left side) and the output (right side). This website is 100% client side and hashes the points in your url. If you make something neat, please send it to me and I'll feature you on the gallery! 🔥 Thanks! Burak
Sad I am on the phone right now, this is going to be cool tomorrow on desktop. Can't wait...looks stunning. Congrats!
@michael_andreuzza yea, I’ll be working on the mobile site soon! It’ll probably be a read only state. Thanks!