MERN 2.0

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Thank you Product Hunt, for featuring us! After getting a good response on our initially offering of MERN, we have kept working on it to make it even better. MERN v2.0 ships with a lot of new features: with a neat modular file structure; code splitting, and hot reloading for React components; i18n support; Docker support; and an ability to customise your MERN stack the way you want it, there is a lot to love. We can't wait to hear what you think about it, and where you end up using it. Do let us know by tweeting at @mern_io :)
What kind of differences would you say exists between MERN 2.0 and the popular react-boilerplate repo created by Max Stoiber? The project looks great, btw!
@eddiepluswang I'm glad that you liked it. Some of the major differences are Server side rendering and code generation support with mern-cli.
What's on the radar for the next version?
@triptych One of the primary concern we receive for MERN is that it is heavy. So, we are planning to make a base version with essential features and provide additional features in the form of plugins which can easily be added.
How is MERN different from other popular react starter repos on github?