Anonymous text messages. No replies.

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Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I can't think of a single non-creepy use case for this. For example a message saying "I know where you live...", that you have no idea who it's coming from, and can't reply to would freak me out a bit. Alternatively the stretch case of someone complimenting you would have you racking your brain all day trying to figure out who, and in those cases I'm sure your mind flips between positive and negative scenarios. Perhaps I'm missing something. What's the intended use case?
@asherraph I totally agree. I just sent a Mermur to myself to see what it’s like, and then I was thinking about sending one to someone else. What am I supposed to say?!
@asherraph 15-year-old Ryan would use this solely to troll friends.
So simple. Truth is a mobile app for sending anonymous text messages but unlike Mermur, you can have a conversation anonymously. Leak is another similar hunt for sending anonymous emails (cc @ldesserrey)
@rrhoover Hey Ryan! I think the link is now leading to some weird site for law firms :( Just a friendly heads up! :)