An interactive album of your experiences around the world.

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@manugamero - would love to hear your story :) What are some of the big development issues you are facing right now with this app? How can the Product Hunt community help?
@bentossell hi there, Ben! About our story, Manu and I met about 2 years ago. I was developing a productivity app (@ProdayApp on Twitter) as a side project, he liked the idea and offered to help me with the design part of it. Although Proday *really* benefited on Manu's expertise, we ultimately failed to ship it. We didn't give up, though, so we started developing Meridian, an idea Manu had been thinking about for a while. The idea was pretty simple: having a place in which one could collect their favorite content from past trips in a beautiful and elegant way, away from the (often chaotic) built-in camera roll. We want to make Meridian's media super smooth and seamless to explore in the best definition possible, so we've been facing some memory consumption problems that we're currently addressing and hopefully will be fixed without major quality looses in our first public beta. Reaching our goal would be a huge milestone to achieve for us. It would allow us to role on the best required 3rd party services, such as Amazon S3 or Facebook's Parse, and would bring us a lot of motivation and confidence to make a great arrival to the App Store, so we would really love for the Product Hunt community to help us in this adventure :)
@davdroman Nice! So while failing to ship Proday - what lessons did you learn and are careful not to repeat this time around? What else did you learn from that experience that has helped you move forward with another project? I'm currently visiting the rest of the Product Hunt team in San Francisco and can definitely see the use case for this... I'm bad with taking photos, arranging and uploading so I wonder if something like this would actually help me a lot! Do you have a place where people can then store these albums? I guess the normal, easy route is Facebook - but Im of the feeling that if it was easier for me to get off facebook, I'd be off it. I'd like to see some sort of album functionality on Instagram, instead of bulk uploading photos. (sorry went off on a bit of a tangent there haha)
@bentossell Proday's failure definitely taught us some important lessons. The most important (and the reason why it failed) was not to be too perfectionist in early stages of development, because that only slowed us down more and more and kept us away from focusing on what's truly important: getting the work done. It's OK to be perfectionist once there's a foundation built, so that those rough edges can get well-rounded. Another important thing we learnt was to communicate ideas much better between us. Finally, we found tremendously positive to meet in person about once a week to work together, because it gives us a speed and motivation boost :) Meridian is thought to be fast, easy and simple, so it's definitely an option for your trip to San Francisco! About the album storage part, we don't discard social sharing options at all, but our intention is to make Meridian the place to store such albums. That's why we're providing our own cloud synchronization plans and focusing on the experience of consuming that content so much: we want to make Meridian *the* place to store your favorite moments, and we want to expand Meridian to every platform possible, so that they're always with you.
@davdroman Yeah, trying to get things perfect from the get-go can actually hinder you in the long run (as you experienced!) I agree RE: meeting each other... I have just met the PH team and have loved it - I'm a people person so I enjoy being around other like-minded individuals... I think that is important in any team. Cool, the one thing to bear in mind is that I'm sure a lot of people may feedback that they want to upload the albums they create straight to Facebook so I think this is something to keep front of mind for sure. - maybe there are some cool ways you can think of doing this...
@bentossell Agreed. We'd like our costumers to participate in determining the future of Meridian, so we're totally open to suggestions of any kind.
Hey @manugamero love the idea! I always take pictures with the intention of sorting into albums and then printing, and I never get around that sorting part - forget about printing! Do you integrate with any printers? I'd love to basically print my trip album from the plane home.
@linistern Hey Caroline, that's a cool idea indeed! I also like printing and sorting my physical photo album. At the moment, we're focused on polishing the iOS app, and thinking about what Meridian could do in the near future. Printing your album would be a feature, so stay tuned!
Simple & elegant, i like the use of the gyroscope. Quick question: if i went to a place multiple times, how would it be displayed ?
@tsunaze Hi Pierre-Marie, thanks for your kind words. If you look closely, you can see how we get the metadata from the media that is inside your album. This way we can sort your trips by date. So, if you visit a city multiple times, you will see multiple albums with same city but different dates. We’re actively working on some concepts to merge both. If you have some ideas, please let us know!
This looks awesome!... Will I be able to easily share these albums with friends / family, or do you see it more for personal consumption?
@settonsamuel Hi Samuel! So we use servers of our own in order to be able to offer that feature. A simple "share my album" option is high on our roadmap. The idea is to keep it private and share with whoever you want.
@manugamero Got it, sounds good.
@linistern Hey Caroline, that's a cool idea indeed! I also like printing and sorting my physical photo album. At the moment, we're focused on polishing the iOS app, and thinking about what Meridian could do in the near future. Printing your album would be a feature, so stay tuned!
@manugamero cool! I haven't actually printed an album in years, but it's always on my to do list!