Is your office missing some life? Adopt an office pet! 🐶🐱

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Meowf helps you :
- find the ideal animal that suits your business
- assist you in setting up the new home for your pet at his arrival and
- accompany you and your pet daily for all your requests (and your lovely pet's).
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Seb Dancer-Michel
Seb Dancer-MichelMaker@far0s · Creative developer Intern @ Your Majesty
Hello PH people! We are Juliette, Marie-Alix, Aude, Yann-Edern and myself, a team of young 🐱🐶 lovers building our first service. Context: Coming from diverse work experiences through our internships around Paris and the world, we've seen employees bring their pets at work with great benefits for both the pets and the employees. Looking at the cats and dogs population in French refuges, we saw that many of them grew old in there every year, abandoned by their owners. These pets deserve to be loved and cared for, and we want to find them a forever home. Our goal: We aim to empower companies and individuals to adopt pets and facilitate their lives in offices. Our solution: Create a suite of tools and services to: - find the ideal pet for your office space - help you welcome you new best friend among your team - assist you in the everyday life of your pet, whether it's for food, toys, health, petsitting, and much more! Any feedback is appreciated and welcomed, feel free to comment or ask questions 🐶🐱❤️
Pierre-Antoine Lemaitre
Pierre-Antoine Lemaitre@pa62 · CPO & co-founder at Specify
Looking forward to use Meowf at Specify, currently arguing on "A cat is better than a dog" 🤔 Clean design btw 👏
Jack Tommy
Jack Tommy@jacktommy · Im the best contributor