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Hi Hunters! A bit of a backstory on this small project: back in 2013, I was trying to figure out my next entrepreneurial move. Then, I read a post by Pascal Finette saying that he was willing to jump on a call with any entrepreneur who would like his advice. "No strings attached". I took the opportunity and a few days later I had one of the most insightful conversations ever, with him. Soon after, more and more interesting people started doing the same, and I started collecting this list. Unfortunately that spreadsheet got buried somewhere, until now. Recently I revisited this list, and decided to make it public for everyone interested. I'd love to have you involved: suggest more mentors that fit the description and spread the word.
Good idea! Great "public" service! Any plans to develop the comm pipeline between mentors and entrepreneurs?
@franciscora Appreciated, Francisco! No plans to go that route, at the moment. Every mentor already has their own contact process and restrictions. I'm just gathering all the information in one place.