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Mentor List is a searchable database of professionals willing to help anyone who wants to learn about their field.

The idea came from my college friends struggling to find a professional who can help them get into the career they want.

My vision for this product is to create the largest mentor-mentee network.

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There's a few reasons why I think having a "Seeking mentor" section would be helpful. First off, some people might be a bit apprehensive or shy about contacting a mentor, but if there were a section for people seeking mentors, where the mentors contact the person personally, that would help the problem. Also, what if the mentor has someone requesting a heavy amount of help? Again, "seeking mentor" section would give an idea to the mentors what they might get themselves into. Finally, and this is based on my problem, what if you are lost and need advice/mentoring in many areas? I'd much rather have the option to post something like "seeking mentor with experience in ___ and ____ and/or _____, to help me figure out what the ____ I'm doing."

I hope this made sense. Don't get me wrong, I think this is a stellar idea. But I really wish that those who are seeking mentors had a place, a voice, too.


It's a friggin mentor list! Finally I don't have to awkwardly wait for fate to send me my teacher!


It's mentor-focused only; there's no place for those whom are *seeking* mentors to write a blurb about what they need help with.

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I like this for many reasons. The major one is I am a mentor at Fresno State for their Entrepreneurship Program. I was just talking with my wife about opening a mentor consultant business since I don't see many. This would be a great way to match everyone.


Concept. Connections that help


Maybe let mentors talk about themselves