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Hey Hunters. Have you been looking for a mentor πŸ‘©β€πŸ« that can help you achieve your goals πŸš€? Mentmento is mentor-mentee matching platform.
Just let us know what you are looking for in a mentor, and we will match you to the right mentor.
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Hey Hunters, I've been involved in different mentorship programs as a mentor and as a mentee. Mentoring others is a great way to pay it forward and it's also a great way for me to reflect on my learnings while guiding my mentees. I built Mentomento in my free time to help more people find mentors in an easy way. There is minimal commitment required from mentors. The short mentoring sessions will be booked for specific times depending on the availability of the mentors and mentees. If you want to be a mentor and you have 30 minutes to help others each week, please also signup as a mentor. Go signup as a mentor or mentee, and send me your feedback too.
This is a pretty cool idea! I'm curious to see how it pans out. Usually a mentor/mentee relationship happens through personal connections. I wonder what mentor/mentee relationship will look like after being matched on your platform. Congrats on the launch! πŸš€
@antdke Thanks for the support! congrats to you too on the launch of The Product Person. I already subscribed :)
Love the idea, simple and to the point!
@mahmoud_el_magdoub Thanks for the kind words and support! :)
Do you have an internal mentorship program where you work?
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This is an amazing idea and one that could be tailored to disciplines outside product design, technology. Imagine the power and focused energy of getting back to one-on-one didactic sessions to the betterment of all. Egos and everything just stripped aside.
@david_hackett Thanks David! I hope it will have a great good impact for a lot of people. Starting first with tech, but then will expand to more industries and professions ;)