A Telegram chatbot reminding you of beautiful moments

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Send him photos of moments you'd like to remember.
He will send them back to you once in a while. He will also remind you on the events' yearly anniversaries.
Science says this can help you reduce stress and have a better mood:
  • Pros: 

    Let's you pick the memories that can make you happy in the future


    Only available for telegram so far

    This is a great way to be reminded of nice memories from time to time. It can cheer you up especially when you're having a hard day

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  • Johannes Nielsen
    Johannes NielsenSpiritreneur

    Great idea! We all need more beautiful moments in our lives. Remembering is almost as good as experiencing them.


    Some people might want to schedule themselves - or to have the option

    Anything that makes moments meaningful and memorable is appreciated. Thanks!

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Robert Wasenmueller
Robert WasenmuellerMaker@robderbob · Startup founder & product manager
Hey folks! MemrooBot was meant to be a 5-weeks side project to refresh my coding skills, and build something I wanted to use myself. It was fun and felt useful, so I ended up spending 10 weeks and deciding to launch it here on PH 😃. A bit background on the idea: Who doesn't like looking at photos and thinking back to nice moments! I noticed it's even relaxing to do so when you're having a stressful day. So I wanted an application that randomly pings me throughout the day and sends me positive memories — and that's what MemrooBot does! MemrooBot is still in his early stages, and I'd love get some feedback if you get to test him.. especially: * would you like to get reminders more/less frequently? * how can I improve the bot's language? (e.g. is he saying too much sometimes?) * would you also like to add and receive *text* / *audio* reminders? * would you prefer to use MemrooBot on a different platform? (FB Messenger / Slack / standalone app?) 🙏 Thanks! And I'm here to answer your questions! :-) Robert
This bot makes me smile
Robert Wasenmueller
Robert WasenmuellerMaker@robderbob · Startup founder & product manager
Thanks, @tashabedi ! It makes me smile to hear that :-)