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Memory AI

Fully automatic time tracking powered by deep learning


Memory AI doesn’t simplify time tracking; it fundamentally reinvents it.

The system collects data about your work activities and uses artificial intelligence to translate the raw data into meaningful timesheets.

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Co-Founder, Yummygum

I have been playing with this feature for a few weeks now, and the potential is huge. It learns from your inputs, and it still needs some work, but the basic idea is very solid.


Automated time tracking


Requires some manual input, no time range

Founder of Timely.
Thanks for the help to test it out! The updated project prediction model you see in the video is coming to your account very shortly! 🙏🏻😃
Software Manager, Accenture

How it is going to merge social life daily tasks with business?!


Excited to use it


Collect right judgement Which platform that app need

Memory.ai (Timely)
Hi Filiz, The algorithm will eventually learn what you consider "work" and "not work", and in our initial tests it does a pretty good job at that (given that it has enough data to learn from). You could also turn off the Memory tracker app when you're done working for the day. That way it won't record any activities.

Nothing else to say


Looks nice and smart enough


AI Based, still need to check accuracy

Digital Marketing Manager, Ardoq
Thanks for the rec :) The model will improve as is gets more data from your usage and personalise its suggestions.

The first app which solved almost entirely my problems with time-tracking: easy to plan, easy to organise, automated tracking - what else an IT pro could wish for?

Nevertheless, I feel a little disappointed that all apps (Mac / iPhone) are "online only" and mostly repeat website UI. I think it would be great if I could review my spent time or plan tomorrow hours while commuting / offline.


Great way to plan your time ahead and track your activities (done automatically with context: place, app, filename, etc.)


Not always accurate with apps and files, UI could be better for reviewing time spent.

deep into tech and VC world
potentially a great way to solve, need to be investigated further