Powerbank with e-ink writer and wireless charging

Memomate is a powerbank with its own memo screen.

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The MemoMate is a nice touch, feels retro.
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This seems like a brilliant idea, and a mix of a lot of things I've been looking for. That being said, I'm curious what the return policy is. It says that you can get a refund 8 days after purchasing the campaign perk, so I assume that once the device arrives, it's only covered by a warranty policy, not a return policy?
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Curious how these companies get away with calling it an E-ink display. That’s a company and this isn’t one of their displays. It’s closer to a Boogie Board if anything
@itsthisjustin ah I didn't know that, they themselves us e-writer ;) I changed it to e-ink, but I guess that's the same as calling a cassette player a walkman ;)
@milann They actually call it e-ink in the video too, which is disappointing. That's a great example of the walkman you gave though. I guess credit to e-ink for becoming such a household name in the tech industry.