One Step Push to Remember (pre-order)

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This reminds me (no pun intended) of bttn, a simple Staples-style "that was easy" button that's connected to the internet. Although it may seem silly buying a physical object for something that could be done with software on your phone, there's something satisfying about pressing physical button to preform an action. Because it's always sitting on your desk, counter, wherever, it's a constant trigger to use the product as opposed to apps that are buried pages deep within the phone. Amazon has taken this approach with Dash and yesterday's announcement of Echo.
@rrhoover I would definitely agree - I think it'll be interesting to see how the future of products like this pan out. Though our smartphones will be able to do more and more, people might still want specialized products like this instead of doing everything on their phone. I would bet that Echo will be a big threat to Memo, though.
@rrhoover Yes, but what do you do when you aren't at your desk (or at your home with Echo)? Having more than one tool to do the same thing isn't a really good use. I'm at home, I use Echo, I'm at work I use Memo, I'm in my car I use Evernote? So now I'm at the grocery store and need to check three different apps for what I need? I realize Echo is so people will order from Amazon, Memo so you'll get it yourself (or eventually they'll probably partner with someone to convert your shopping list to a delivery or local pickup.)