A search engine for memes

MEMEBOX is a search engine for memes that sources all memes directly from Twitter, using the Twitter API.
Another way to think of us is an alternate version of Twitter search that only returns the most popular tweets.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
My two favourite ways to use Memebox: Search Feature: If I see a funny meme on IG, but then accidentally lose track of it or just want to reference it again later I can never find it. I would try looking through all of the meme accounts I follow but rarely, if ever was able to find them again. Now with Memebox I can just search for it super quickly and easily. Relevant Memes: I have an IG page for professional organizing. With Memebox I can find very niche memes that really resonate with my audience and get tons of engagement
Hey Product Hunt! We made MEMEBOX because we noticed two main trends: 1. There are a lot of memes! Memes have become more than just Scumbag Steve and Bad Luck Brian - thousands of new memes appear every day, making it impossible for anyone to keep track of them all. 2. People are using memes to communicate and express themselves and to properly do that you must be able to find the appropriate meme. Given those two trends, these are the three major use cases we see for MEMEBOX: 1. Finding content to share to Snapchat/Instagram stories 2. Finding content to share in group chats 3. Flirting! We also see one other minor use case and that is to help meme accounts find content to repost. They have been our main early adopters and personally, I use MEMEBOX to source the vast majority of content for @trendyflavor, which is a small Instagram meme account I run. We would love to integrate MEMEBOX into other apps, so if you have any ideas please reach out via Twitter or email ( Cheers, Jacob
There’s something really great about pulling the right meme at the right time in 60 seconds. Been using this for a few weeks and love it. Congrats on the launch! Any plans for a keyboard app?
@chadgoodman iMessage app coming out next week :)
@chadgoodman @turnernovak I'm bullish on anything Turner is bullish on. This is good.
I love Memebox....always have the top memes and can easily browse using categories. The Snapchat integration is a game changer too - group chats will never be the same again
@mitchell_przewieda Love that you love it, bud!

Could be massive once integrated in to platforms


Incredible tool to find memes