Meme exchange

An actual meme-trading exchange

Nope, it's not a joke. You really can trade memes here.
To give you this opportunity we calculate a composite meme-index. Heard of S&P500 or Dow Jones? The idea is the same — except the index is composed of Memes rather than Apple and Google share prices.
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Haven't set it up yet so can't say more, but love the idea 😍


Great, out-there idea


None so far

Best landing page on Product Hunt today ✨
@rrhoover thanks! The first version was even crazier, everything was moving and blinking. More fun but no chance to keep attention and read anything.
@rrhoover Woww, thanks!

Hello from /r/memeeconomy community


+ Fun idea & landing + User friendly trading screen + Real BTC trading


- Spread is rather big right now - Index calculations are pretty difficult to understand

I've managed to earn some BTC here already! There is also a BTC/USD futures trading platform on site – can fix profit from memes in USD.


Very nice idea to build index from something directly measurable in the internet.


Not much trading activity yet.

This is my favorite thing to come out of crypto so far
@aaronoleary Ahaha nice, thanks)