Melomind Headset

The ultimate relaxation headset

Hi PH! This is Julien FISZMAN co-founder of the Melomind project currently on Kickstarter: Melomind is a neurological device born after two years of research co-developed with the ICM (a hospital called – Brain and spine institute) in Paris. This headset aim is to help you to relax more efficiently than traditional methods; Melomind measures your brain activity, in real time on your smartphone, thanks to its four sensors that give you access to the raw data of your brainwaves. What do you think about it? What kind of future developments do you see? Looking forward to hear back from you! Have a nice day!
@fiz_julien I am very interested in this technology. I just purchased the Bose noise cancelling headphones so have blown my entertainment budget otherwise.... Where would this type of headphone sit in the retail space? I imagine people wanting to try before they buy at this price. I wish you luck and will be interested to test out if I ever see in Australia one day!
@helencrozier I totally understand the situation! Usually a problem with "relative expensive devices" on Crowdfunding platforms is that you have to believe in the project that it is proposed in it, in order to spend money without having the chance to try it out first. This is true for Melomind and for other successful projects created previously! In any case, do not worry! We are currently working for creating a worldwide distribution system (retail and online) and Australia will be surely in it! Thanks for your interest in us by the way!