The robotic sous-chef for home cooks

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Founder/designer here, if you guys have any questions
@zemvpferreira can't wait to get my mellow. Quick question for you Ze. Will you be putting out recipes for users to try? I think that's going to be my biggest challenge of using Mellow on a regular basis - having to explore sous-vide recipes. I can see that being a barrier for others as well.
Why the decision to go smart phone controller only?
you don't need a budget: we're not charging until we ship, and our referral program nets you a $20 discount for every friend that preorders through your link, up to free! Preorder, spam, annoy a ton of people for sweet, sweet sous-vide salmon. You know you want to.
Hah, robots! Still paying attention to this thread for any late-bird questions. Hit me up at if you'd rather.
This looks very cool! Congrats on launching very interesting product. I'm a cook-noob and I guess can't fully appreciate the product. But it looks like a perfect present for the NY(seeing the shipping dates). It says all it needs water and a bag. Which bag is it? Where to get those? Would love to see more videos of Mellow in real-life, like a full-length tutorials of cooking something.