Melissa Climate

Smart control of your air conditioner.

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Hey, guys, I am Lyubo, 21-year-old, CEO of Melissa Climate - company for Intelligent Climate Control. Our aim is to give you the perfect temperature at minimum costs! We are a young company that is developing rapidly, having presence in 18 countries now. : ) We'll soon release other smart-home products. Feel free to ask me questions here! I will happily answer them right away! Cheers
@lyanchev thanks for joining :) My first question is - what differentiate you from your competitors or similar products (listed here)
@bogomep Well, couple of things. The obvious one is the price, but don't put the stress on this although this allowed us to get faster in more markets than them, because people find lower price more appealing. Quality and Support are the kings. We are devoted to delivering the best features that our customers requested. We've added a ton of them already - Special commands for really expensive ACs (where you can turn on your Plasma filter for example) or Custom commands (allowing you to control not only AC, but other IR-based appliances as well). Our support is working on the weekends as well, because every activated and used Melissa is very precious to us. I would say that our distributions politics are really crucial as well. We are selling not only through our website but through different types of distributors as well. Installers of ACs, retail chains, wholesalers, etc. I would say that our wish for them to be very motivated has paid off and they are like our salesmen on the field constantly promoting the product in their stores.
With Melissa's mobile application and you can control your AC from a distance. You can change the temperature, set the working mode and the fan speed, as well as check the current temperature and humidity in the room.
I tried the iOS app. A bit disappointed that it is a web app and not native, poor UX. Not even optimized for latest iPhone models 6, 6plus.
@sirioz Hey, Sirio! Thanks for the try! A big update is coming up, we'll soon roll out completely new UI. I guess you tried the app in Demo mode?
Very nice. ๐Ÿ‘