Off your mind, into your daily productivity system

Think of Megaproductive as an Evernote for actionable and reference items. With tags, advanced search filters, and smartlists, Megaproductive aims to level up your daily workflow, and help you identify the things that actually need to get done.
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Hi guys, I needed a productivity app that adapts to my workflow, not the other way around. One that would provide enough portability and ways to integrate with other services to have them complement each other. Megaproductive is a personal project above all, but as someone who advocates productivity and personal development, I decided to slap a name on it, do some product design, and make it available to the public. It can be adapted to nearly any productivity method, and features a variety of advanced search filters, and several integrations. I'd love to hear your thoughts! Any feedback is more than welcome.
stumbled upon this @arnehendriksen and I have to say, I love it. You have done an amazing job here. Huge congrats amigo.
@zedsq Thank you so much for your kind words! Really means a lot! Did you find the onboarding proces and feature explanations easy to understand?
@arnehendriksen I am signing up tomorrow. So I will let you know then. The feature explanations are fantastic. I am planning to use as a window into my development process for potential investors, users, etc. It's such a handy tool and the UX is brilliant. You killed it with the design. Very much looking forward to using it.
@zedsq that's good to hear :) I hope you'll find it useful, though judging by your feedback so far, that won't be a problem :) If there's anything you need help with once you signed up, just let me know!