MegaMaker - EP13 - "Launch when you're scared"

Plus: learn about Higher than Hobbits - an open source band

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Jeremy Becker
Jeremy Becker@iamjbecker · CEO, MedConnect. Designer, Developer 🇨🇦
Another fantastic episode. Really appreciate all the hard work into MegaMaker!
Justin Jackson
Justin JacksonHunter@mijustin · ⚡️
@iamjbecker thanks man! I'm tired! Gotta get some sleep now. 😴
Levi Kovacs
Levi Kovacs@kovlex · Building @mobiscroll
Nice. I was literally walking by a new shop with its windows covered when I was listening to that bit. Camper actually does this the other way around when building new shoe stores.
Justin Jackson
Justin JacksonHunter@mijustin · ⚡️
Bringing anything you've created into the world is scary. Last episode I talked about how anxious I was about the launch of my new project. How did I get over that? In this show, I delve into the checklist I use to reduce launch anxiety. (Plus: I introduce the idea of the world's first open source band) Listen in iTunes (or give it a ★★★★★ review!)