MegaMaker - EP02 - "What's really driving me?"

Can we express our creativity and make a living too?

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In this episode, I wanted to dig into my creative motivation. I try to explore the age-old question: "Can we express our creativity and make a living at the same time?" Update: You can now subscribe on iTunes! (if you like the show, please give it a 👍 review. Really helps.)
This is great Justin. There's so much I could say here. Last week I finally started a new Medium publication, Makers Gonna Make. It had been on my mind for a week or so, I'd had a look around at what publications were out there and couldn't find anything maker based. So by the middle of last week we were nearing being ready to go live with our intro post. But then on the Thursday, I got an email from you sharing how you'd just created a brand new Medium publication, 'Mega Maker'. And the wind was totally knocked out of me. I didn't know what to do. When the initial spark came I was super excited, and even more so when I realised there wasn't really any 'maker' publications on Medium. It was an area I felt I could contribute to, and that people were interested in, and the space seemed clear. So when your email came in, within a day or two of our planned launch, it was a bit of a sucker punch. You've got a great audience of makers and clearly have an unfair advantage in this space. On the way home I was chatting to a colleague, and he mentioned Simon Sinek's great TED talk, 'how great leaders inspire action'. In that talk, he mentions the race for flight, where lots of people were trying to be the first to get a plane to fly. There were two main competitors he focussed on, the two unknowns who worked away from the limelight, and the famous, well funded favourite who everyone knew about. So what happened? The two unknowns slaved away on a minuscule budget, and somehow won the race. They achieved flight first. Remarkable. But what was even more remarkable was that the media's favourite, the most well funded competitor, upon hearing the news, gave up straight away. He threw the towel in. He wasn't the first, he wasn't going to be on the newspapers, so he gave up. His motivation was the fame and glory, so when that was taken from him, his fuel ran dry, he stopped. You starting your publication at the same time I intended to start mine really challenged me, whether I was like that guy, just looking to be the first, looking for the limelight. It really made me think about why I'm doing the publication, and what I want to get out of it. I spent that weekend thinking it over, and by the end I realised that I wanted to make it because I wanted to make it, I wanted to write more, help others have a platform for writing more, encourage makers to write their stories and encourage more people to become makers. Sure, there were elements of being first, of limelight, but that wasn't it. I had a drive beyond that. Anyway, rambled on a bit there, but just wanted to share that, as it fits so nicely with your episode. There's a lot more that could be said on this, but I feel this is a long enough comment as is, so maybe save that for another day! Keep up the great work with Mega Maker, I'm following along for the journey 👍
@fredrivett thanks for sharing this here! I think this is something we all feel at some point. The beauty is that many times there's more than enough room for multiple people to be doing something similar. In our case, we're targeting the same subject matter, but doing it from different points of view. There might be some overlap, but it's likely each will attract it's own audience. Keep making stuff!
@mijustin Thanks dude! Totally agree, nothing is truly original and lots of the things we make will have big overlap with others, but we'll each give it it's own twist. All the best with Mega Maker, I'm enjoying it so far 👍
As always Justin's stuff is amazing. I loved the Maker Manifesto​
Another awesome episode from Justin! Love your enthusiasm and the atmosphere!