MegaMaker - EP01 - "Life is better when you make stuff"

How can you make 2016 better than 2015? Make 100 things.

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Hey everybody - this is my first podcast of 2016! MegaMaker is a reimagining of my first two podcasts (Product People, Build & Launch). This show is broader: it's for people who swing hammers, keyboards, paintbrushes, and soldering irons. It's for makers. It's not on iTunes yet, but you can subscribe at
@mijustin love the quest & hustle. keep it up Justin!
@mijustin Great start to a inspiring future, with a touch of history.
I'm very excited for this. Build & Launch was awesome, not only because Justin is a great host but also because he put in the time to edit each episode into a well-crafted narrative. I have high hopes for this!
@sachagreif thanks Sacha! I put a lot of work into these - I'm glad it's appreciated.
Excited for Justin's latest effort. His content is always first class. Side note - love that the name of this podcast allows Justin to create a very AC/DC / Metallica like logo given his musical tastes.
@jus10mcgill lol. You know me too well.
Haha, that photo, @mijustin. SO INTENSE. 😊 Adding to my Podcast Playlist collection for later.
@rrhoover the biggest problem with that photo is that I'm really going to have to work on my biceps. 😜💪
@rrhoover @mijustin Did you make all the design/art yourself?
@mijustin I already heard it and I really wish you manage to make those 100 thing you have set to this year. Looking forward to it AND hope a can make something to and get featured in the podcast 😉