Meet another remote worker tomorrow and work together IRL!

What if you could connect with other remoters and hang out with new people for the day?

From sharing a coworking pass to looking after each other's things at the local coffee shop while getting food or bathroom breaks... Hanging with someone new can help you build friendships around the world on a one-on-one basis.

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Hey guys! I am a marketer and know very little about coding, but I still wanted to put together a simple tool to connect with other remote workers wherever I go. The idea is that if enough people sign-up and share on social we can get enough matches happening locally and help more remote workers meet new people in real life! What will practically happen is that I will sign you in an automated (through Zapier) email list based on the city you set-up. The list will send you a daily email with a new contact and when you click on a button it sends you a new contact in case the first doesn't respond. It has a limit of 4 contacts per day. Hope you like meeting new people to share a working day!