Real-time scheduling from Drift

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Wow. Drift just keep on releasing great features. Keep it up!
@johnsteerfowler Amazing velocity to double down on its core differentiation vs. Intercom
Another super useful feature from Drift for sales teams. Letting bots take care of scheduling makes a ton of sense -- no more back and forth, no more no shows. Just connect your Google Calendar and go. Drift makes it simple and all in one tool.
This is has been one of the most requested features from the sales teams using Drift -- and now you can use our bot to schedule meetings in real-time, 24/7 right inside of Drift conversations (and it's 100% free for anyone to use). We've been testing this internally with our sales team for the last month and we've been seeing a 5-6x increases in qualifed sales pipeline.
@mattbilotti I love seeing things trying to make scheduling more sane. Because it's awful right now. Curious for your thoughts on some of my common problems using tools like this... I always find the hardest part of booking meetings in this way is constantly having to switch back and forth between the webpage and my calendar. The days and times are different in each and it's frustrating to reconcile my calendar with the sales rep. It makes me feel like I'm doing a lot of work *for* the rep which doesn't give me a good feeling for the start of the relationship... It actually feels more natural to do it the other way around -- the rep should be trying to fit into my calendar not the other way around. Any thoughts/adds for the future of meet @ drift?
@i_am_brennan @mattbilotti We're definitely in agreement with you and looking at ways to allow you to quickly auth in (with Google) so that we can show your calendar alongside and make it way easier on you.