Meeting Fuse

Booking meetings made simple

Hello there Product Hunters, I am the Developer & Co-Founder of Meeting Box. Please feel free to check it out and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. We built it because existing corporate style meeting room software sucks, and we felt a new approach was needed. Hope you like it :-)
Love your website guys!
@tombenattar Thanks, glad you like it!
Hi, I'm the designer and other Co-Founder of Meeting Fuse. Like Chris im also happy to answer any questions, now you have double the chance of getting a great response. We believe that your options of corporate style meeting room booking tools are nothing to get excited about. We hated using them too. If anything they cost you too much time and money. With Meeting Fuse, we took a 'user first' approach where we actually spoke to our users to make them something totally different and far more usable. Looking nice is a bonus.