Complete analytics for all Meerkats

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Nice hunt, @prsarahevans. Although a bit unpolished, this is incredibly detailed, surfacing who upvoted, commented, and watched a Meerkat. Another addition for @benrbn's Meerkat Hunts collection.
@rrhoover glad you like it. Definitely useful and hope it's more robust.
@prsarahevans @rrhoover Added! It seems like we are on our way to a super open platform, that's a beautiful way to accelerate the space and we are so lucky to be part of it!
I want to keep seeing people hacking together Meerkat apps, it builds up the platform more and gets everyone involved. I hope developers aren't phased by Periscope getting so much attention. Sure Periscope might have Twitter behind it, but if the community can't do what they're done with Meerkat, they've already lost.
Should I just put my user name in the search @prsarahevans?
@benrbn i believe so. i didn't create this, it was @tonycarreon (don't think he's on PH, but he is on Twitter). Happy to connect you.
@rrhoover @awoldes @prsarahevans @benrbn we just launch live stats feature where you can see the live streaming count hour by hour on meerkat/periscope ;), i'm waiting for ur reviews guys thx
doesn't seem to work
@tzhongg i'm really sorry it's not working for you. if you want you can e-mail me at and let me know what you're seeing. browser / device info would also be helpful.