Connecting the world’s calendars to schedule meetings

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Meekan's flexible time scheduling engine matches everyone’s calendars in seconds. Pinpoint the best times to meet, schedule a service, reserve a hotel or book a flight. Supports Google Calendar, Apple iCloud and Microsoft Exchange (more vendors coming soon). If your invitees are not yet Meekan users,Meekan will ask for their preferences over email, and relay information back to you.
@kwdinc Thanks Kevin! Appreciate the initial posting.
I want connected calendars to exist. It's ridiculous how much time and money (hiring VA's and EA's) we spend coordinating schedules. I'm skeptical anyone but one of the big players like Google, Apple, or maybe Facebook can pull this off in mass scale, outside of teams/companies that internally adopt it. cc @msg @marannelson
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan for joining the discussion, but allow me to disagree with your comment. From discussions we had with enterprises, I (and the IT executives themselves) find it hard to believe the big players have enough incentives to offer something like that. Exactly why they were looking at Meekan to begin with! :-)
We're looking forward to testing Meekan as/for Lowdown's in app meeting scheduler. Good luck guys, great product and team. LIKE
Looking forward to test it!
Guys, we can use your vote to pitch on stage at #TNWUSA in NYC. Please vote for Meekan, takes less than a minute: