Find Devs and Designers for Side Projects

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@rrhoover @meeetco has launched in public beta and now has "as featured by Product Hunt" on the homepage.
I found a collaborator for a side project on Meet and they are running a kickstarting. Chip in $25 (or more) and see if it can become awesome.... i did
I just backed it as well!
I need this so badly.
@connor You're in luck! We're launching next week.
I can't wait to use this! I had but it finished in March and I have been side-project-less for a few months now :-(! I really believe in the power of side projects, and a lot of times it's the give-and-take that produces the coolest stuff!
@UXAndrew totally agree re: "power of side projects". This very site is one great example :) But also smaller stuff like keep me going. Honestly, most of what I know I learned by doing side projects
@nbashaw YES! This is exactly how we feel. It's not always turning a profit or selling to some large company. Sometimes you just want to experiment and learn.
@nhbschr Agree. This is what drives me - start messing around with new stuff, and before you know it, you have something amazing!
@nhbschr This is really dope you guys nailed it in keeping it super simple. I am curious how you guys are thinking about broadcasting these open projects with people who aren't on Meeet? Also, is there a feature being considered to email out opportunities I'd be interested on a weekly basis? That would be cool.
@narekk @nhbschr Mainly twitter at the moment, but we may implement an email-based system like you suggested in the near future.