A beautiful, minimalistic Medium client for macOS.

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What's the difference between using this app and wrapping the website with ?
@pieroborgo Cleaner interface, focused on Medium and will support writing articles natively in the future :)
MediumDesk ( is very similar. But additionally, it comes with native menus & shortcuts for commonly used functions. And it is open source, free and supported for other OS.
Please make it available in other countries than the US ...
@juergenalker What do you mean? It's available to all countries on the App Store...
@_inside yesterday it was not available in the german App Store, now it is for 1,99 Euro! Just bought, still downloading :-)
distraction-free and minimalist. +1
Not available in US store, unfortunately...
@tiffanyw_412 That's weird... It should be available on all territories.