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It's no surprise Medium's heading in this direction after @ev's blog post announcing a change in their business model. I'm hopeful and curious to see how its received, but it's unclear what type of content $5/mo will buy you right now. Curious to hear peoples' thoughts on this!
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@rrhoover maybe it's just me, but it's also unclear what not paying gets you. Does Medium have ads? (I used to use it daily, but must confess haven't as much in recent months but don't think I've noticed ads before). Is this in conjunction with starting to run ads for those who don't pay?
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@rrhoover @ev I'm curious too. Maybe writers will be able to publish free and paid posts, and only membership users will be able to access paid content. I'm more curious how will be the payment process for writers.
@rrhoover @ev I think $5/mo is to test drop off rate / price acceptance. Idea: Lots of companies host their corporate blogs on Medium, so why not give them the ability to sponsor paid memberships to have more inclusivity on Medium Premium? It would be a tax write off for them, and it would grow Medium's premium memberships too. Win-win.
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@rrhoover it's only a matter of time until the vast majority services go premium, no matter how large is the funding pocket. I'm curious to see if that's going to be enough, given that they are now crossing that "need-cash" line.. On a second note, we do not exactly know whether they ad model is profitable and well engaged enough to sustain such modification in their biz model. It sure will be interesting to see how this unfolds.
@rrhoover @ev seems like a tough business, there's so much awesome free content out there. I wish the Medium team the best with this new direction! Charging subscribers for great articles definitely helps keep Medium aligned with the customers, instead of making them the product for advertisers *edited to be less negative
I wish @Twitter would offer a similar monthly service with no ads and premium features. 😄
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@chrismessina @gabriel__lewis an anti-troll tool could be available on plugins marketplace :P
Never noticed any ads on Medium before. Maybe I am too good at skimming through content..
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@akshayspaceship I haven't seen adds as well
@lisadziuba @akshayspaceship Are there ads on the internet? Whaa 😜
@akshayspaceship There are ads. I am seeing Twenty20 Stock Photos ad since couple of weeks I think. Though it's aesthetics are better so it's easy to overlook and not be annoyed by it like FB ads.
I'll pay to watch @caseynewton's Series
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@bentossell @caseynewton what's your venmo username?
@caseynewton @andrewett That's a weird venmo username
@caseynewton I'll Snapcash you