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Medium has finally released a native Android app. It has a simplified editor packed with it. The blog post about the release is funny and worth checking out as well.
Great job @ev and the Medium team. The app looks great. You guys managed to keep the signature look and feel of Medium without sacrificing too much functionality. I look forward to continued updates to make the app even better!
Nice work, @caramev. πŸ‘ The iOS app launched about a year ago and I'm sure you and the team have learned a lot from it. What's different between the iOS and Android versions (if anything)? Is there any Android specific functionality in the app?
Thanks @rrhoover! The most obvious differences between the Android an iOS apps at the moment involve material design decisions. We've embraced a lot of the conventions like tabbed navigation, cards, hamburger menu, and FABs. Feature wise, the Android app launched with Google sign in since we knew that would be the easiest thing for Android users. We are also supporting deep linking which isn't available until the next version of iOS. In the future we plan on leveraging Android specific features like rich push notifications and Google Now.
@cyrusradfar That's a big question with a multi-part answer that goes beyond the Android app. However, I can share that we have a goal of surfacing content to our users that is meaningful to them, as well as enabling great content to be discovered. Recent product changes are supporting this. For example, the introduction of tags means that you can tag your stories and if they reach some level of popularity they will be surfaced to folks who follow the tag and in tag search results. The new onboarding flow in Android fully embraces tags. This allows users to discover content from outside their network. We're also working on better recommendation systems to suggest publications and users to readers.
@caramev I appreciate the response and know it's a difficult question. It's a point of frustration as someone who really (really) doesn't like the idea of building a following so humans can have a voice. As a "gift" product person to product person – I'll report two bugs and a UX issue w/ your onboarding on Web App in Chrome: 1. Your "skip" link on the first step is broken, just has a white screen. 2. When you search for a tag that's already in the cloud, it doesn't automatically select it and unlock the Next button. W.r.t. UX, the next link won't be visible to many people. If you user test your design, you'll find a fixed nav isn't "seen" by new users. They'll think the page is broken. I've tested a similar design on an onboarding and my button was much more prominent.
@cyrusradfar Thanks Cyrus. I'll pass this on to the onboarding team!