Medium Bookmarklets

Extension that lets you save your spot in Medium articles

Medium Bookmarklets is an open-source browser extension that lets you save your spot in articles and provides an easy way to return to that spot later on.

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Cedric Amaya
Cedric AmayaMaker@cedricamaya · maker · open sourcerer · coffee lover
Hello PH, I'm Cedric and the developer behind Medium Bookmarklets. This extension is a solution to a problem that I personally faced quite often: reading Medium articles but not having time to finish them in one sitting, then having to find that article later on and needing to scroll to find the spot where I last left off. Having some familiarity with Firefox WebExtensions and Firefox being my main browser, I decided to whip up a solution to the above problem. Medium Bookmarklets (MB) works by tagging the text that you want to add the bookmarklet to, which then creates a card in the MB sidebar with the article's basic info like title, author, and url. When this card is clicked, it takes you directly to where the bookmarklet highlight was added previously. A demonstration can be found here:
. Medium Bookmarklets is open-source and although currently only available for Firefox, extension development for Chrome and Opera are in the works right now. If you're a Medium user I highly encourage you to try Medium Bookmarklets and let me know what you think / what you'd like to see improved. Cheers, Cedric