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Wow, this is potentially big. Twitter originally succeeded because of its open API which enabled hundreds (thousands perhaps) of apps to build its ecosystem. Medium has slowly opened up, first by giving non-invited people access to publish on the site, then enable anyone to use Medium on their on domain, and now this. I'm super curious to see how this grows. Here's the API documentation for those interested.
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@rrhoover I was wondering what all the buzz was about with the new logo. Turns out, *this* is the game-changer. I'm not making any predictions but I'm excited to see bold moves by Medium.
@rrhoover It's all about growth and ecosystem view. I just hope it didn't finish like the situation that some developers faced with Twitter API (suddenly restrictions that killed lots of apps)
@rrhoover @rodrigoprior Yeah, I call that "platform creep" Definition: When a platform encourages novelty, but captures the new function instead of the generated value.
Jazzed for the one-click publishing from other software: Wordpress, Byword, IA Writer, and more. Publish to Medium no matter what app you prefer to write in.
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@eric3000 can't wait to have a plugin on WP to do that :D
@eric3000 Do I sense a Sublime Text straight to Medium plugin in the works? Be still my heart!
@ktzhu @eric3000 <3 Can't wait to cross publish our two magazines on Medium.
Sadly, a one-sided API. Post to Medium, no way other than malformed, hidden RSS feeds to get stuff out.
@jameskoole Exactly what I was thinking about. If they are so worry about content and words, why not to let it fly away freely if they want? I would love to have a Reading API in order to play with different designs for brilliant pieces on Medium.
@mbavio @jameskoole To @rodrigoprior's point about other APIs, we want to avoid giving you something and then taking it away. We intend to evolve the API very deliberately. A way of getting your posts programmatically is clearly going to be valuable. @jameskoole, can you describe the errors in the RSS feeds? We can definitely look at fixing those.
@majelbstoat @jameskoole It's great to see this mindset about Medium's API. I think it should work exactly this way... <3
Hi all, we're very glad people are excited by this. I'm happy to answer your more technical questions about the API :)
@majelbstoat what kind of rate limiting will we see? thanks! 😄
@rometty_ @majelbstoat Hey! There is rate-liming in place, but I won't go into specifics just yet. We're likely to dynamically adjust it once we see a pattern in the data, and we'll be watching closely for abuse.
@Besvinick nailed it: It feels like Medium's on the verge of breaking out beyond its tech roots.