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#3 Product of the MonthAugust 2017

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  • Vinish GargCo-founder @mystippi @ContentHug

    Some of the best quality content, neatly structured, soothing to eye, and amazing branding


    I love everything about Medium, including the pace and direction of its growth

    Content serves for education, decision, and delight and Medium lives up to this one hundred percent. I love the findability, personalization, engagement opportunities, branding flexibility, and the brilliant "shout from the terrace" feeling when I write and read content.

  • Cole KennedyContent Strategist & Copywriter

    Beautiful branding, high-quality engineering, innovative product design


    Navel-gazing content, echo chamber effect, frequent pivots

    I've loved Medium since the beginning, and stuck with them through multiple strategic shifts. Personally, I'm disappointed that the 'platform for media companies' model didn't take off. I would've loved seeing more publishers like The Awl and their ilk producing world-class content, supported by the technical prowess of Medium. But alas, that didn't pan out. Still, I'm happy to subscribe and see my money going toward creators.

    Cole Kennedy has used this product for one year.
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Ryan Hoover@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Fun fact: We once had a bug on Product Hunt that allowed people to upvote a product an infinite number of times. Perhaps we were (accidentally) ahead of our time. 🤔
Hammad@hammadh4 · PLAY
@rrhoover can we put that bug back in place please?
Ryan Hoover@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@hammadh4 "FEATURE! NOT A BUG" they say
Sushant Joshi@sushdagr8 · Intern at Sapsyss IT Services
@rrhoover - Medium stopped counting my claps after 50, so they have a cap, right?
@rrhoover @sushdagr8 Oh yes, in that case, they do.
@rrhoover 👏👏👏👏👏
alex kwon@alexyoungkwon · oneminute
@rrhoover Heard that quote on a Ted talk podcast "Rethinking Death"
Mike@seekwell_io ·
@rrhoover @sushdagr8 Yes, I believe the formal term is a clap cap
Laef 🐶🐱@laef · Programmer and co-creator, FindALostPet
@rrhoover Interestingly, it seems like you can subscribe to Product Hunt Upcomings an infinite number of times... 🤔 I guess this shows just how interested you are? 😀
Barak Landau@barak_landau · entrepreneur
@rrhoover, I liked it
Rik Nieu@riknieu · Developer
@sushdagr8 Huh, a clap cap.
Erik van Mechelen@decision_ · Novelist
@rrhoover Definitely ahead of your time :) I'm eager to start publishing for members only to see how it goes with essays on literature and culture.
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Something new
Lots of people will have seen the branding updates recently... now the app is updated in the appstore too! Oh and we all know about 👏 Medium is easily one of the best things I purchase on a monthly basis. A Medium post on the Partner Program
Chris Messina@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
@bentossell I hope they offer a "read it for me" premium subscription feature too. I just don't have enough time in the day to consume all that content!
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Something new
@chrismessina yeah hope so!
Kristian Muñiz@kristianmuniz · Software developer.
It would be nicer if it showed the number of readers that clapped, though. At least in the writer's stats page. Just for the sake of knowing your audience.
Isaac Naor@isaacnaor · Founder at ūzeVR
@kristianmuniz I believe @Ev indicated in a comment on medium that more detailed stats are coming, and that because the 👏 data point can occur anywhere in a post, it will eventually lead writers to understanding more about what specific parts of a post resonated most with readers.
alex kwon@alexyoungkwon · oneminute
@isaacnaor interesting because I personally like/clap after reading the whole thing.
Isaac Naor@isaacnaor · Founder at ūzeVR
@alexyoungkwon seems like the biggest problem is a legacy issue, whereas people that have posts with lots of “recommends” feel like the value of the “recommends” changed, and their work’s value is lower (almost like it experienced some kind of inflation). Life lesson: Change is the only constant
Jamie Talbot@majelbstoat · Engineer, Medium
@kristianmuniz The author of a post *can* see the number of readers who clapped. Click the clap count on a post for a breakdown.
@ktzhu · product and engineering at medium
@kristianmuniz It does show that if you click on the number. It opens a modal with the total number of claps from how many individual people. As a writer of a post, this modal also shows you how many claps each person gave you.
joshua@thewrongjoshua · Student
@kristianmuniz @imajelbstoat @ktzhu honestly i'm not sure how i feel about the claps thing. the problem is, people are going to have a "default" number of claps (for example, i might clap 10 times if i like a post, and 20 if i love it), but different people are going to clap different amounts of time. for me, 25 might be the average, but for somebody else, 25 might be a lot of claps. i just don't see how this clapping system is going to work if everybody claps different amounts. it's like how netflix changed from a star rating system to a percentage rating because the everybody uses the star system differently. i think it's supposed to measure how much people love posts, but how is it to do that with any form of accuracy? right now it seems more like a gimmick than a feature to me. i seem to be in the minority, though, so perhaps medium doing it right
Thomas Leitermann@thomasleiterman · Product Owner, inovex
@ktzhu @thewrongjoshua I feel the same... I also don't yet understand the scale of measurement behind it - are 2 claps twice as "good" as 1? Is it a linear scale? I like the general idea of allowing more diverse feedback and lowering the barrier for appreciation - but it also looks like we're all part of an experiment - and not a very well thought out one either... When facebook introduced emotions it did go about it much more delicately and thoughtfully - and it worked great for them... Missing this here
Niv Dror@nivo0o0 · Words @ProductHunt & @AngelList
It's all about the claps. 👏👏👏 Medium created an emoji-based economy for content creators to earn money.
Ashley Pearson@theashtube · (AFK #GettingMarried)
This is what Quora should have done years ago...