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Piero Borgo — CCO & Co-Founder, Leevia
Not totally into the brand new logo, but most of all I'm concerned about some typographic choices :\
Where is the centered text? Why they removed an heading style? 😔
George Margaritis — UI/UX Designer
I don;t like the logo. Where is the original dark, bold, prominent M . Too bad. Hope it will not go down like blogger
Brian Sanders — CEO @nexcast - Podcast @buildingnexcast
@dontpanic_cg @pieroborgo George, are you saying that because you personally don't like the logo they now have a chance to become as unpopular as Blogger? Can't say that is a smart statement...
Piero Borgo — CCO & Co-Founder, Leevia
@briansventures @pieroborgo as a designer I inevitably tend to watch at logos and typography. I don't agree about some choices they made but I still love to write and read on Medium.
I really like Medium but I can't get behind this new logo. From reading the post about its development, it's clear they put a lot of work into it so I don't want to make it look like I'm slamming the designer; I'm not. I just don't see how this portrays the Medium brand better than the previous logo. The previous one looked like, from my perspective, a typed letter. That imagery fit what Medium was. This new logo, not so much.
Rodrigo Prior — CEO @
@fbara Same impression here... I like the new logo, but I don't think it represents Medium so well as the old one used to...
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