Mediachain Attribution Engine

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It’s awesome to see this team working to make attribution easier! When I first heard about the project, I instantly thought of Reddit communities like that work tirelessly to share original images and are diligent about giving credit! The project is also unique because the network and data powering Mediachain’s Attribution Engine is completely open and decentralized. It’s exciting to see more products built open first using blockchain technology for non-financial purposes!
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@alexisohanian Thanks, Alexis! Today we're starting with 125M+ Creative Commons licensed images from over 30 image sharing platforms, but we're excited to start tackling other platforms where creators share great media with the expectation of attribution. The amazing work done in Reddit image sharing communities is a big inspiration for us :)
@alexisohanian Mediachain looks great! I'm curious, what do you think of other open and decentralised projects? e.g (funded by Andreessen Horowitz)
Hey everyone! Attribution challenges are the bane of digital media. Mediachain is a VC-backed organization that's making attribution secure and simple; allowing creators to be appropriately credited and rewarded for their work. Learn more on a blogpost here:
Thanks for sharing this @thomasle0n! Hey Product Hunt! I'm Denis, one of the people working on Mediachain! We're really excited to launch Mediachain Attribution Engine today! We think it's the best image search engine for creators. You can find free, high quality images that you can share and re-use, with attribution automatically baked in. Mediachain Attribution Engine makes it easy to find a great image that you can feel good about sharing or using in your blog post, presentation, website, etc. You can upload any image from the web to find out who made it and where it came from. If Attribution Engine doesn’t know the creator, it’ll suggest visually similar images that are licensed for re-use and give credit to the author. Attribution Engine is the first application powered by decentralized, open data in Mediachain and is built on top of the newly launched protocol architecture (v1.0). Creators can sign up to register works and developers can use the data in their own apps, or contribute directly to Attribution Engine by following our quick start guide. Learn more on our blog!
Looking at the block diagram at, it looks like you're using a text index as your main data source and re-ranking using NNs. Is that right? Was that because of availability of text-based image search APIs? Are you planning to make a spatial index of some NN-powered binary coding and support something more like reverse image search?
Hi @bobpoekert! Check out the latest github repo updates for more details.
With a single word (pastoral) I was able to view and acquire many outstanding images, perfect for an art project I am creating for my new home. Nice!
I am VERY excited for this!
@mikengarrett Thanks, Mike! I liked your suggestion on Twitter of integrating Attribution Engine into WordPress. A community member already built a browser bookmarklet, which we tweeted about here:
@jjessew @mikengarrett this is awesome.