Media Match

Real or fake? You be the judge.

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My first app and my first released side-project! Idea by @samnissinen, he has a feel for these things. Media Match is an app for judging news articles real or fake with a simple swipe interface. Thanks to React-native I was able to produce an app for both major platforms in just a few weeks. Firebase also helped me move fast and use the same data for the companion site, where you can find a live-updating feed of articles as they are judged. Thanks for checking it out! Fire away if you have any questions.
I am not saying that this is a great idea, people tell me that I had this very good idea so it would not be okay for me to take credit but its going to be huge I am told by many of my good friends at product hunt
That was difficult to write. Cool idea, hope it gets traction.
@alaskanjackson I am not quite sure what you're saying?
@ddunderfelt A poor effort at writing a response as if I was our President. As usual if I have to explain the joke then it was likely not funny. It is a great idea (no joke) and I hope it gains traction.
@alaskanjackson Hahah sorry I was unprepared for it. Trump jokes are always welcome!