Create or join a group chat of people who are within 1 mile

Create or join a group chat of people who are within 1 mile

Perfect for events, meetups, or just chatting with people nearby e.g. students in your campus.

Ask / connect / talk with people near you instantly.

Set up a chat in seconds. Protect it with a password if you wish.

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Hi @tomm_ what's the meaning behind the name? It comes across slightly unnerving to be honest and when added to the fact that it's gps based communication I feel it is not a great fit? Do I go on this chat to get trolled or what? I feel the name is too negative and brings the entire value of the idea down.
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@colinwinhall same. Naming often sets the tone for brand new users.
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@colinwinhall @rrhoover I joined just to say I agree. I like the concept and it may be just the thing with something I'm putting together, however the name raises eyebrows.
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Agree with @colinwinhall. I thought this description sounded really cool but the name + branding are totally off-putting.
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I like the concept but I think you might find it difficult to differentiate yourself from a Meetup kind of platform. Maybe the exact usecases for people who live within 1 mile of each other needs to be thought through. For instance people might need company to try out some new cuisine, to jog in the morning or just to have some coffee etc.
Potentialy dangerous for countries like Mexico
Product could be awesome, will never try it based on the name and logo alone.