Meal Tracker X

Eat Slower, Lose Weight, Enjoy Life!

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Meal Tracker X is iOS app for tracking bites while you eat and help you eat slower

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Tiago Martinho
Tiago MartinhoMaker@tiago_martinho · Indie SW Developer
Hello everyone at Product Hunt! I developed this iOS app to help you learn how to eat slower and live a healthier life. It works by using the same tech that Apple uses for the Animoji, using the iPhone X True Depth API. It tracks your mouth and jaw movements to detect the bites you take using machine learning and then calculates the speed that you are eating. The feedback I got from myself and early users is that it helps you to eat slower by making you aware of how you are eating, and giving insight where previously was super difficult to measure. Eating slower has demonstrated benefits since it improves digestion and makes you eat less. The brain takes 20 minutes to understand the stomach is full. This is the first version of the app if you any suggestions and improvements please write me at mealtrackerx at gmail dot com Thank you very much! Tiago
Dmytro Pylypenko
Dmytro Pylypenko@new_user_86c09c48a6 · Software Architect
Hello Tiago, product looks interesting. Could you describe how our life will be improved during using this application?
Tiago Martinho
Tiago MartinhoMaker@tiago_martinho · Indie SW Developer
Hi Dmytro! The idea is to start measuring the speed and rhythm that you are eating, and then become aware and learn to eat slower. There are several studies that demonstrate that eating slower can help with numerous aspects of your health. Let me know if you have any other question. Thanks