Meal Pal

Your personal foodie concierge via text messages

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Bram Kanstein (@bramk)@bramk · Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch)
Another Invisible app! MealPal will book your reservations, keep you updated with the latest restaurants, find you local hidden culinary gems and answer all your food related questions.
Michael LeeMaker@mikehlee_ · Product Designer @ Sunrun
Hi everyone :) @richardgong and I built this and are here to answer any questions. Thanks for hunting this @misbahspeaks
Charley Ma@charleyma · Fintech @ Plaid
@richardgong @mikehlee_ is it currently free to use? How quickly does it respond back!
Michael LeeMaker@mikehlee_ · Product Designer @ Sunrun
@richardgong @charleyma we run on a subscription model ($9.99/month) for unlimited use (running 24 hours 7 days a week) - and we respond right away
Edwin @edwinelodimuor
Hey Michael, are you guys still live? Just tried reaching out via email, but it keeps bouncing back.
Richard GongMaker@richardgong · Founder @ BayLaunch
@edwinelodimuor What email did you send it to? should work.