A fashionable ring that alerts police if you're in trouble

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A.J. Lawrence@ajlawrence1
Interesting concept, how did you come up with the idea?
Todd MorrisMaker@todd_morris · BrickHouse Security
@ajlawrence Rachel Owens a runner in Brooklyn came up with the idea in 2008 then built a proof of concept in 2012. It was big, not "jewlery" and had no monitoring. But it WORKED! and she even sold a few. When she came to us we loved the idea and rebuilt it as a smaller ring with professional 24/7 monitoring.
Bryan Eisenberg@thegrok · Founder and CMO of IdealSpot
interesting use case for #wearable tech for safety.
Todd MorrisMaker@todd_morris · BrickHouse Security
@thegrok thanks Bryan! All feedback is appreciated!
Özgür Celebi@tristancelebi · iOS Developer
What a shame it will not reach it's goal! Guess this Kind of safety feature will come to the big Players in the wearables Market one day. They should have build this for Kids in mind, bigger Market.
Todd MorrisMaker@todd_morris · BrickHouse Security
@tristancelebi please don't count us out quite yet. We still have 28 days and this is a more considered product than many on Kickstarter. Our analytics show that most backers view the site more than once before they back mBand. However, We ARE behind the curve and would love any feedback you can provide.
Özgür Celebi@tristancelebi · iOS Developer
@todd_morris Building a product that controls your heart rate while your in protection mode. Let's say like a Band that you wear before going home after work. You put your band on your arm, but under your Shirt. This way it doesnt need to be fashion device. Since women usually care more about Design than the tech it self. İf there is any Spike it will Automaticly inform the Police. That is how I would build it. People in wearables Market still trying to make it first fashionable. The first iPhone was one ugly brick. What was inside and how it worked was more important.
Todd MorrisMaker@todd_morris · BrickHouse Security
@tristancelebi you make an interesting point regarding wearables form vs. function. We put mBand "on the finger" to enable one hand activation in any situation. However, by putting a ring on a womans finger we did step into the realm of fashion. The first working version that Rachel showed us was 3x bigger and was a colored rubber ring. the number one objection to the first version was size and look. there were also concerns about sending alerts to friends who may not be looking at their phone at the moment.