It's not safe to move now. But here's when you can go again.

So, the world is trapped in a net of COVID-19, but will it all be this way forever? Hope not. Here is all the information you need to plan your future vacations, business trips or maybe family reunions.
Stay safe and tuned to updates on
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Very happy to be a part of this! I mean, it's good to know when the borders will open, not that I'm planning to travel anytime soon. The website is made with Gatsby and we used Airtable integration to get data from our huge database with info for each countries. Planning to ship some updates today and tomorrow, drop me a line if you see what can be improved. Cheers!
I needed this so much! Thanks!
@alexanderisora cheers, Alex! We basically made this because we needed it ourselves -- it's tricky to find this info via Google only, so we searched for the data and put it out there for everyone to use. What's the first place you're planning to travel to after this is over?
@valentine_erokhin me and my gf plan to move to Thailand in autumn. And stay there for a while. Come with us! :D
Glad to be part of this. My country shut it's borders for good, and pandemic only begins here. So it is good to know when everything will be available
@valery_gorbach I wonder if they will really open Italy today. Sounds a bit risky
I found the following project more fun to use, and with more (up to date) source of information:
Best thing I could stumble upon in times like these. Thanks!
@artyom_sabura Thx! Always appreciate your support