Maybe Capital

Venture capital as a service!


The most powerful Venture Capital firm in Silicon Valley. We're launching with our first product, Maybe Capital the board game, where you play a board member and investor. Your aim is to get your portfolio of companies all the way to IPO before the bubble pops by pitching awesome and made up companies to the other players.

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8 Reviews5.0/5

I played this at a con and was happy how much it let players' personalities shine through a humorous lens.


Balanced, judge-less prompt game. Funny without trying too hard.


Perhaps a little too "inside baseball" for people outside of the tech sphere.

The full force of the Maybe Capital Board (Game) Meeting is an epic journey that can take a group of players from Stanford Business School to riches in the course of an evening. The game play moves through a hilarious satire of startup jargon and $6 pour-overs, but the core of the experience is the pitch round, where each player draws two cards and does their best to pitch their pet find to the rest of the board. Juxtaposing key elements of the zeitgeist enables surprising business ideas to become memorable and hilarious pitches. I've never laughed so hard, nor felt so witty, at any other VC board meeting.


A party game for your inner entrepreneur, with just enough structure to enable hilarity and just enough chaos to ensure it.


The cards are way too funny and hit way too close to home.

Most important game about the most important place in its most important era. No resident of the bubble should be without 3 redundant copies.


Relevant to important people like me and Travis


Evil is not banal enough, no built-in Soylent cupholder