Find the apps your friends use, that you don't

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We’re so excited to announce the Mave iPhone app on Product Hunt. We believe the apps you’re most likely to want are the apps your friends are using. So, we’re making it easier for you to find them. Our mission is to help companies leverage social proof for growth. Our first product was a drop-in invite page that helps an app’s users invite lots of friends. This is working great for apps with strong invite incentive, but we want to help all apps grow through social proof. We started thinking about how hard it is to recommend apps to friends (digitally). You need to either choose friends to recommend it to and send a message or share it on a feed that’s normally reserved for news and photos. You need to be really motivated. Shouldn’t sharing knowledge about apps be more implicit? Why can’t I see what apps my friends use? Or share all the apps that I use with my friends? So we built the Mave app, a new way for users to share and discover apps and a new growth channel for app developers. It’s kind of like the inverse of invites. Instead of someone having to explicitly tell friends about new apps they are using, their friends can take a look, whenever they want. Looking forward to your feedback!
Reminds me of something :) Watch out for Apple reaction....#justsaying
@ourielohayon yeah, we'll see how it goes :)
Check this app out guys! I previously used home screen for app discovery, but I love the fact that it's connected to my friends & can send me notifications based on what's trending among them! Very cool & a must have for anybody who is into mobile app trends ☺️
Anything that improves app discovery is a plus. None of my friends are currently using Mave. I'll invite some close friends but I get the feeling I won't find anything surprising on their phones. I'd be more interested to get app recs from acquaintances/FOFs. Also would love to see apps ranked by total usage if that data is available. If not, maybe their position on the home screen or bottom bar could serve as a proxy. Congrats on the launch and good luck going forward!
@beachedmiami thanks Jordan! Appreciate the feedback. That's high on our list, to improve the content when you have no or few friends on the app.
This needed to happen. If only someone could do this effectively for movies and tv shows, that would rock!