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Access to valuations for more than 40,000 companies

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Mattermark just launched early access to their "Mattermark Valuations" feature set. They claim to initially be launching with the estimated valuations for 40,000 companies: It will be interesting to see the accuracy of this data. I've tested (which is very expensive at about ~$16,000 per year), and their valuation data was exceptionally accurate, with the correct valuation and even cap table for the majority of companies that I checked (compared to the ones that I knew the actual valuation). If Mattermark can provide a more affordable alternative, with close to the same reliability, that will definitely be interesting. That said, I think their claim/hypothesis that many companies will tell them the company valuation just by asking is quite ludicrous for any company post seed stage. I have heard from other companies of Mattermark emailing them asking to confirm metrics such as revenue and valuations etc. and it just comes across as far fetches that people would reveal that just because someone asked nicely.
@_jacksmith I understand your skepticism, but we are constantly surprised by the number and caliber of startups giving us valuation data at every stages... so we are going to keep asking! Fortunately, we already have enough to build useful models.
Everyone should follow @daniellemorrill on twitter and sign up to The Mattermark Daily newsletter. A lot of Danielle's tweets and conversations are really insightful and the daily newsletter is a great way to wind down your night.
I am really excited about this. I want to test Mattermark Valuation dataset at a hackathon and see what I can get done this weekend =) Will be interesting to see how they value smaller firms with less public data.
Is this just a potential growth hack? I signed up and got this: "I saw that you are interested in Mattermark’s upcoming valuation data for private companies. This feature will be rolling out to customers in the coming months. Do you have time this week for a quick demo of our current platform?"
@mulligan we actually launched "Early Access" in our post (though this PH post doesn't make it look that way) and are slowly letting people in, we wanted to get market feedback and make sure our models are working in as reliable a way as possible. Historically, we have had a lot of success with working with super-early users in a spreadsheet before adding the columns/fields/tables to our UI because it strips away confusion that shiny design can bring. Can't wait to get this in everyone's hands.
I feel this comes right in time given the current mood on the markets. Couldn't be a better day in a way, doesn't that sound a bit ironic ? Anyway, always a fan of your work @daniellemorrill since that time we met at LeWeb, years ago.