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Danielle Morrill
CEO & Cofounder of Mattermark
What a fucking insane day. I finally got back to where we're staying during the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference, where we also launched this live on stage. I swear, adrenaline highs like today might be the secret reason for doing startup life. Huge props to @aeisenberger and @blakelucchesi who are the masterminds behind this app. I really just voiced some strong opinions, filed bugs and otherwise got out of the way. We have known for a long time that mobile is where we really can make an impact on our customers' lives and this app is just beautiful, I am so proud of it and so happy we can make it free to all the people who love to research startups. I hope you'll use it to look up key info and news before your next meeting or to look up companies you hear about while you're out and about. The one-click share is a great way to send yourself an email reminder. One cool thing you might not notice at first is that in the top right corner we've got this little bar graph icon. When you click it, we give you an overview of all the funding events for the day (and further back) as they happen. We also send a once-daily push notification to let you know what the day's startup funding looks like. I hope you are enjoying this app, a lot of love went into it!
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
@nocodemvp + @startupstash (sold)
Awesome, this is like the tech encyclopedia :)
Violeta Nedkova
Creative Rebel Coach
Hah, perfect tagline.
Rob Williger
CEO of Cited, Inc. |Writer|Speaker
@v4violetta Aren't you supposed to ask about when the Android app is going to come out:)
Awesome, can't login though :( it's saying my first name and gmail are invalid after connecting with twitter.
Avi Eisenberger
Product / Co-founder, Journal
@mickey_graham Hi Mickey - Thanks for letting us know. Try again now, should be all fixed up! Enjoy the app
Tom Masiero
GM of LaunchBit
Kudos Mattermark team for some serious shipping of products lately!
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