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This is one of the few emails I read every day. Definitely subscribe!
@nbashaw +1. This is one of the handful subscriptions i <3, @DanielleMorrill & team are doing awesome job of curating content. Good hunt @thinker. But, on broader level submitting blogs on PH should be the exception not the norm. We don't want to turn it into blogroll. cc @rrhoover
@EmmanuelAmber True, but that's where the community decides what's worth it and what's not. Don't worry, people here know their stuff.
@nbashaw Thank you, we are so thrilled to have you as a reader and to use this is not a blog or a newsletter... it's a really lean little media property. We think about the snippets and lead-ins we write like those little blurbs you read in a Zagat guide (for those who remember those!)
@nbashaw Same here. In addition to the content, the way in which it's structured is well done (Media/email UX).
@daniellemorrill this reminds me a bit of @jason's daily LAUNCH ticker, though leaner. Would you consider other daily summary newsletters like his competitive to yours?
Consistently valuable content. And a huge inspiration to me personally that @DanielleMorrill kept this on her founder-plate for so long. My only wish is that they would have a bit more of an "intentional conversation community" around the content. Maybe there is an opportunity for quibb to make it easy to feed these types of newsletters into their system? What do you say, @sandimac ?
@thomasknoll MM Daily is now curated by our awesome @thinker (Nick Frost). Thanks for your comment around "conversation community" and will definitely take that into account. Thank you, Thomas!
@thomasknoll @bryankchang @sandimac I agree. It would be great to have conversations around the content. Fingers crossed I can find a solution for this, soon.
Agree with @nbashaw — out of many newsletters, I read this one almost every day.
@Thinker I'd love to hear about your curation/review process for getting the newsletter together each day.
@GeoffreyWeg Each morning, I dig into a long list of new blog posts from founders (operators) and investors in the startup community. I quickly read the post and try to gauge the quality of the content and if it will be valuable for our readers. I try to be objective and have a 'global' perspective so it can be appealing to more people. Out of the 20 - 25 posts I read, I choose an average of 15 to include in the newsletter, every day. I use a set of tools that help me source the content, rather than hunting for new posts randomly. I use Digg Reader, Nuzzel, Twitter lists of investors and founders, LinkedIn Pulse, Medium recommended content, and people also send me content directly. If anyone has a favorite blog or link to a post they'd like me to include, please email me directly at Nick@Mattermark.com. I'll happily start tracking the blog and consider the content for the Mattermark Daily. Thanks for the support! :)
@thinker Thanks for sharing! I love the little bits of perspective that you give as you introduce articles (I actually blogged about it recently). :) Any plans or improvements for the newsletter going forward?
@GeoffreyWeg Thanks for that post! We use SendGrid, which isn't as robust as MailChimp, so we can't customize it or vastly improve the look/feel, for now. We hope to have some improvements for readability and shareability by Jan. 1. Do you have any feedback on the current version?