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#5 Product of the DayNovember 11, 2015
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Hi Everyone, Cymen here from Mattermark. We had a lot of people asking for this both internal and customers. I'm so happy we've got it launched and in the hands of our customers. Response so far has been great. BTW, @aeisenberger really needs to be on here as a maker too as it is his design. The first iteration of the chrome extension was written over a two day hackathon at Mattermark. It was on the product roadmap but we wanted to see how far we could go. We ended the two days with a working mvp (besides authentication) and won the top prize for the hackathon. Since then, we've spent some time adding the missing functionality (authentication) and adding more features. I enjoy using it myself as it is great to have an easy way to see what is in Mattermark for a particular startup. It's a small thing but the ease of clicking a button over opening a new tab and navigating to the company is a huge win. Cymen
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@cymen Mattermark continues to release new and exciting products. This looks promising. Good job!
@cymen this is really cool. Thanks for sharing the product development story. Can you share a bit more about how you planned for the two day hackathon? It's cool to see you created a valuable extension of your platform in a short period. Was there much structure to your hackathon, or do you feel like it is better to keep it more open-ended and let the team do whatever they feel like working on?
Is this extension available only to those that pay $500/mo?
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@ryannegri Good question -- I believe it works for trial accounts too but for ongoing usage, it will require a subscription to Mattermark. We do have an iOS app that is similar to this Chrome extension and it is absolutely free to use. I know the product team is thinking about more answers to your question but I cannot say anything more. The iOS app is here:
@cymen @ryannegri I wish this was like the iOS app. Signed up, saw the payment fields and bailed. Whatever happened to freemium? ;-)
@andrzejb200sx @ryannegri i was discussed with them long time. and describe that i NEVER fill my credit card BEFORE i will get real result. They do nothing. Good luck!
Great idea! The SEO space has been doing these extensions for a long time and I use them a lot. Great way to get more shelf-space in the browser. cc: @tylerswartz