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Mattermark was never "hunted" since we were already launched before Ryan started this awesome community, but we're excited to announce the first major update to our company ranking algorithm. When we launched Mattermark last summer we faced a crucial design challenge, what order should we list companies in and who should appear on the first page of results? We introduced the Mattermark Score to help with this, tracking changes in estimated web traffic, mobile app downloads, and social media metrics. Since then we've been listening to our customers and they told us this just wasn't good enough, we needed to factor in other key metrics like employee growth and successful fundraising efforts. Our new Growth Score captures these signals to provide a more holistic view of each company's trajectory. More on the new scoring system can be found here: http://mattermark.com/first-offi...
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@daniellemorrill Keep up the great work. Been on free trial and love the platform. You have a great biz dev/support team also. Always assumed you guys were a large company (after initially hearing you on TWIST a bit ago) till I spoke with someone on your team! If you're ever in Miami, we would love to have you stop by the office.
Yo, @daniellemorrill! What's the most surprising thing you've learned since starting MM just over a year ago?
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@rrhoover @daniellemorrill the network effects of our business are pretty mindblowing to me, I didn't know that if we just got good at a few things customers would bring us along for solving more and more of their problems and even show us where we needed to look for data that would make an impact on their business. I thought I knew what it meant to talk to customers, but it took a high margin B2B product for me to fully grasp the value of talking to each and every person who signs up
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@daniellemorrill foreshadowing of future MM products? :) Looking forward to reading a few blog posts about this as soon as you can share.
@daniellemorrill @rrhoover This is probably a hard thing to foresee before jumping in. So exciting.
Big fan of MM and how the team got there. Curious about your growth tactics; how do you acquire new users and think about growth?
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@dshan +1 for this question
@dshan Right now we are surprisingly not doing a ton to drive growth outside of 1) creating a great product people recommend to each other 2) making sure our newsletter is top notch and growing our subscriber base 1-2% per week We are starting to do more growth activities like Adwords and Facebook experiments, but these are still just in the $500 range. My personal preference and passion is to keep us focused on content as a key driver. I also do a lot of press appearances, which has been mostly good luck + loving the video format
Great to see Mattermark on here. @DanielleMorrill — I've always felt that Mattermark is really close to something big, but that the ranking system overvalued lagging indicators over leading indicators. It seems like the key metrics (employee growth, fundraising success) added to this new Growth Score are more of the same. What is your team's thought process around identifying and collecting data on new key leading metrics?
@NeilThanedar @DanielleMorrill right now we feel the metrics we are focused on are the most important to our customers. We're not overly wrapped up on being predictive or "leading"
Congrats to the team!