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#3 Product of the WeekDecember 17, 2014
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Matt AussaguelMaker@mattaussaguel · Founder, UpLabs
Hi everyone, as part of my Material Design exploration, I worked on  this project over the weekend and think it could be useful for a lot of ProductHunters, designers and developers. The concept isn't new, but I believe this the first Material Design color palette generator. All you have to do is pick 2 colors and the palette is automatically generated for you — you can then share and export it in different formats. I hope you like it and feel free to get in touch with me if you any idea on how I could make it better
Thomas Burgess@ninjinka · Creator of Material Design Palette Deck
@mattaussaguel Hey Matt, I think you would like this:
This is great but would love to see the 'Axxx' shades used for the accent color instead of the '500' shades. Thanks!
Matt AussaguelMaker@mattaussaguel · Founder, UpLabs
@crafty Thanks Nick. Sounds good. I could default it to A200? Which shade would you pick for brown, grey and blue grey? 500?
@mattaussaguel yes the A200 shade would be a good default for accents. Accent shades are meant to be bright, saturated colors to contrast the primary color, so wouldn't make sense to have an accent in those listed colors.
Matt AussaguelMaker@mattaussaguel · Founder, UpLabs
@crafty Cool, I've made some tweaks, it should be better now. Still need to do some work on the preview when I find the time. I might also include a dark theme. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have suggestions, your feedback was very helpful.
Markus Stefanko@mastef · Dood:Puzzle Planet,pitchXO,Tab Manager+
I love it
Matt AussaguelMaker@mattaussaguel · Founder, UpLabs
@mastef Thanks Markus!
Eric Willis@erictwillis · Working on something new
I've added to my Best of Material Design Collection
Matt AussaguelMaker@mattaussaguel · Founder, UpLabs
@erictwillis Thanks Eric, nice to see MaterialUp in there too :)
Nick FranklinHiring@nick_franklin · CEO, ChartMogul
Very slick, nice work Matt
Matt AussaguelMaker@mattaussaguel · Founder, UpLabs
@nick_franklin Cheers Nick, glad you like it :)