Material Design for Bootstrap and WordPress

Fully responsive and compatible with different browsers

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Hey there Product Hunt! I'm one of the makers of both Material Design for Bootstrap and Wordpress. I surely hope mods will mark us all in a second. Firstly, I'd like to thanks Jack for hunting us! We have created MDB and MDW with an aim to bring glorious Material Design to one of the most popular tools used in creating the web - Bootstrap and Wordpress. They are both available in free and pro version, so you can test out if they really suit your needs. MDB is a UI kit made for developers, that comes with step-by-step tutorials, well-thought documentation and both free and premium templates for those who are looking for inspiration or a pre-made solution. MDW, on the other hand, is designed for those, who prefer drag-and-drop solutions and would rather focus on the content than coding sessions. There's also loads of templates and tutorials to guide or inspire you in the process. Both of them give you the opportunity to rapidly create web sites enhanced with Material Design. We are here to answer any of your questions! One more thing - we give the PH community a 30% discount for all our products with "MDBPH" coupon code.
1st tries working well
Looks interesting, will let you know after I trial it.
Thanks for sharing such cool product! I’ve been currently working on a website using a professionally designed Wordpress photography theme from this resource . I guess your tool can be pretty useful for me